Fish Foot Fetish

Well, I really treated my self today!  Here I sit in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia feeling fine!  I had heard the stories and today I went out in search of my own adventure with the Fish Foot Fetish. 

I slowley walked up the crowded street to a little place I had seen before and had glanced a few times at their advertisements ever so desiring what they had to offer.  Today was the day I took action and made it happen.  I walked up to the young lady at the front and said “I want the fish treatment”.  She knowingly smiled and said I should follow her inside the establishment.  She had me sit on the padded chair and asked me to remove my flip flops.  She then left the room briefly, returning with a bucket of water which she ever so gently placed my feet in.  She washed them as if they were the feet of her baby.  We ignored the fact that one of the feet has ugly toes.  It was as if I was not an imperfect individual in her hands.  This was the beginning of something great.  I just knew it!

The young lady then pulled my feet out of the bucket of water and placed them on her gams where upon lay a towel…she dried my freshly washed feet as if they were made of rice paper and would rip if too much pressure were applied.

The nice young gal then asked me turn around and stick my feet in the fish tank please.  I did.  Then hundreds of fish started eating away at my feet.  It felt like electric vibrations all over the skin of my feet and ankles.  They eat the bacteria, dead skin, and improve blood circulation.  I sat there for twenty minutes while the other customers in the beauty shop all came to look at the action in my fish tank.  I think they were envious of me and the pleasure I was receiving from the hundreds of fish nibbling away at my dead flakey skin.

After about 20 minutes my young gal came to me again to wipe my feet dry and sent me on my way.  All that for $5!  WOW!  I then proceeded to walk about the street in my flip flops with the cleanest softest feet in the neighborhood.  I swear people were looking at and admiring my feet as never before.  They just shined!  It might have been the heat too.  Here’s a couple of pics of me and my little fish buddies:

Fish eating feet

Me enjoying the fishes foot fetish

After such a glorious afternoon walking about town showing off my new feet I had to spend the afternoon on a long walk on the beach and ending the day with another beautiful sunset.

Beautiful day on the beach

And so another day ends...


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